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Dr. Richard Selden

Dr. Richard Selden is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of ANDE. He founded the company in 2004 (originally called NetBio) with a vision to move DNA analysis from sophisticated laboratories to the field, where it can have daily impact on forensic identification in law enforcement, military, and homeland security applications.

Since then, ANDE has created a new market by developing products that allow DNA Identification to be performed outside the laboratory by non-technical users. By enabling DNA Identification in police stations, borders, hospitals, and offices, Rapid DNA Identification can impact societal safety in real-time: reuniting families, exonerating the innocent, and identifying suspects in criminal investigations.

As Founder of ANDE, Dr. Richard F. Selden has been a visionary and pioneer in the development of Rapid DNA technology and the validation testing of the ANDE Rapid DNA Analysis System. The System was proved to be “robust, reliable, and […] suitable for use in forensic human identification of single source reference sample buccal swabs” (Forensic Science International: Genetics). It is the only Rapid DNA Product to receive National DNA Index System (NDIS) approval from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

The video below details just a fraction of what Dr. Richard Selden and ANDE are able to accomplish with RapidDNA Identification.


The Company

Over the past decade, ANDE has continued to build on its transformational technology in Rapid DNA Identification. ANDE began as a small R&D team based just outside of Boston. The ANDE R&D program was sponsored by a consortium of federal agencies and resulted in the creation of ANDE—the first and only field-forward, fully-automated, fully ruggedized rapid human DNA identification system. Initially, the program was focused on the generation of DNA fingerprints from cheek swab samples. Today, the system can process a wide range of sample types, including bloodstains, tissues and organs, and investigative samples. The ANDE system has been described in major scientific publications, and the team includes world class molecular biologists, cell biologists, and chemical, mechanical, electrical, optical, and software engineers. The product is being used worldwide, and ANDE has now grown into a fully-integrated company, with world class sales, operations, manufacturing, finance, IT, and administrative teams. Together, we continue to strive to ensure that Rapid DNA will dramatically improve societal safety.

The Vision

Dr. Richard Selden has dedicated his career to the transformative potential of Rapid DNA Identification and the ANDE System. Dr. Selden and his team began working on Rapid DNA more than a decade ago, at a time when the idea of performing sophisticated DNA analysis outside the lab—by non-technical users—seemed impossible to most. But just as information technology evolved from the supercomputer labs of the 1950’s to the smart phones of today, he envisioned a day when DNA analysis could be performed by essentially anyone, anywhere, and at any time to make society safer. Dr. Richard Selden and the ANDE team have collaborated with prominent forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies on the path to NDIS approval. ANDE’s successful partnerships have helped demonstrate that their Rapid DNA Analysis System generates results equivalent to or better than those from a forensic laboratory. Today, the ANDE team is working to change the paradigm of DNA testing in Law Enforcement—to accelerate the generation of DNA results to reduce crime, exonerate the innocent, and dramatically improve societal safety.

ANDE’s products include the ANDE System™, biochip consumables, software, training, and a range of services. Dr. Richard F. Selden plans to continue the pioneering R&D conducted by ANDE and grow its presence as the leading company for Federal, State, and Local agencies requiring Rapid DNA Identification.




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